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SEO-Baidu popular keyword ranking F experience

Contact SEO in the second half of last year, the network end is nothing to open a number of PW was fun, although they make little money, and is pretty enough to spend

We all know the network information needed to open, PW, when I remember throwing a monthly fee, PW propaganda points I feel the pressure, so, with the stations to advertise the idea of publicity was the main point is Baidu's several sites First of all, we must start from Baidu, and those days, all day long in contact with us to find the article, look at some SEO articles.

Finally launched their first website www.91cssf.com This site has occupied a treasured, PW GOOGLE Baidu and the word three position for six months, and then LIWOOOL fight first.

I detail below, under how to do SEO for this site.

A total of three key words, the first is the main word, it is very important that you make sure your TITLE in the subject which is the best on the front, or just put a subject, not more than 30 characters.

keywords subject

description description (ps: these two highly controversial, some say written, some say written, think or write well, specifically how to write I do not say)

We look under the navigation: Cell Phones, Cell Phones Technology, Cell Phones plug-in, Cell Phones screenshots, Cell Phones Association; each part name includes the main keywords, this is very important.

Here is the latest section lists the home page, and this site as a small article, so I choose to have all of the articles appear all at home, like this for your engine easily within your page, generally with the home side within the same page , the contents of the list is the same, all listed. Another point is the page header and footer, must be unified content, otherwise the engine will think that this site is not important, to reduce its weight, the remaining thing is to do outside the chain, and so many ways outside the chain, has bought, have to exchange, there is to send garbage, anyway, is the Eight Immortals, each have their own bills, that depends on your own according to your own circumstances and select the appropriate methods.

On the outer chain personal view is that quality is more important than quantity, not much, but fine! Oh, of course, when we do not have quality time, went to seek the number, and this site has done 26 days later, on the first 1, 37 days time, into the top three, Oh, of course, I had a small profit.

Some people say, this is the last thing, you point out examples of the recent SEO see next to you good, Oh okay, I have come up with a to www.8qw.net this site is also a small percentage of my recent be the first page.

SEO small percentage of my level is not high, 91cssf.com to the first part is left to chance it, I currently do this www.8QW.NET Baidu's legendary World PW overall and 91 of the first page 8qw.net like , does not see the code, then easily see that one person, and, with the SEO strategy is the same, congratulations to you, you're right. But 8QW.NET used is completely DIV + CSS code, and completely abandon the table is what I learn DIV + CSS, the first website to do.

Why give up the table using DIV and then, this topic is also very controversial, I only said my opinion under: DIV reading speed faster than the table, because all the CSS styles inside, and engine spiders to your site the time to read all the content, without looking at your style, this is the DIV advantage.

We may have a look webmaster network code is DIV + CSS layout, many large sites also, so I use a DIV in this structure.

For a similar site in terms of style of the engine, to be considered a waste station, which is a lot of web content a lot, but the reasons for ranking has been stagnant. Therefore, we do point in time, be sure to choose different styles and different construction methods. 8qw spent more than a month on the first page of Baidu currently seventh, GOOGLE ninth, efforts continue.

8qw I just stop here, because the remaining works, exactly the same with 91. Supplemented on an internal link have to do a good job (internal link that is within your page and inside pages before, between the inside pages and home page link), this one is essential, if you do not understand, you can refer to other sites In fact, contact with us is a good reference site.

I said so much, not saying that everyone should do, PW class words, this term competitiveness too, now has entered the white-hot stage, webmaster gateway ads in PW we have seen, Oh all my competition opponents, ha ha ha, if you do not have enough time and energy, it is recommended not to touch the hot words, some popular words as you can to earn a lot of money.

For example, I recently did a small percentage of words, different from the PW, complete garbage station, by GGAD earn money, gain almost as much as PW, my whole operation is the same way.

However, I do not do website base chain, this way, too dangerous, as domestic engine, Baidu, or boss, but it, on the group chain is very severe punishment, if you do not call Baidu, then you can do under the Baidu GOOGLE does not seem so serious, foreigners do not understand Chinese, this is the truth.

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Flash CS4 3D tool to create a rolling photo cube model

Flash CS4 does not 3dmax 3d software such as powerful modeling tool, but provides a z-axis concept, development environment from the original 2-D environment to a limited expansion of 3-D environment. Say "limited" because although the structure of z-axis, but all this is built on the basis of the layer, then there is the relationship between the upper and lower layers, while layer itself is based on two-dimensional. Encountered a problem here, when a 3d model of the original when he turned on the relationship between changes in the lower, but cs4 is not modeling tools.鎵?皳鐨勬ā鍨嬩篃鏄敤鍑犱釜闈㈡嫾鍑戝嚭鏉ョ殑锛岃繖鏍风殑璇濋?杈戝叧绯诲氨鍑虹幇浜嗛棶棰橈紝鍘熸湰搴旇鏄湪涓嬬殑闈㈠嵈渚濈劧鏄剧ず鍦ㄦ渶涓婁竴灞?鍥惧眰鍘熷洜)銆?br />
We use the first six pictures the same size to build a cube.

First, from the outside into six pictures to Flash, a resolution of 100dpi:

Figure 1

These six pictures of them into a mc called "box". Each image is the "box" of a cube face, will be created for each image individually into a mc, then separate the coordinate set (x, y, z) axis:

Set the image 1 (0,0,0), picture 2 is (0,0,100) Figure:

Figure 2

Photo 3 using 3d rotation tool

To Y axis 90 degrees set (0,0,0), as shown:

Figure 3


Its Y axis is set to 90 degrees (100,0,0):

Figure 4

Photo 5 using 3d rotation tool

To rotate 90 degrees into the X-axis (0,0,0), image 6, 3d rotation tool used to rotate 90 degrees into the X-axis (0,100,0), as shown:

Figure 5

Such a simple cube model even ready.

The "box" the mc scene dragged into the main timeline in the first frame section 50 in the Timeline and insert a frame animation to create additional documents, click on the last one is 50 frames in the animation editor, which adjust the properties of the corresponding get the desired effect, adjust the Y axis where the rotation angle that is rotated by 360 degrees beginning of this article demonstrates animation 3d-box.


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UTM Revolution - Who can not have both fish and bear's paw?

As the market and technology developments, many users find that their purchases of UTM products very much like a Swiss army knife - only useful when using a single function. All modules use fully, UTM devices will greatly decrease the performance, availability poor. Certain brands of UTM products, nominal performance is only open when the single function of the test data. Once the full-function, performance may decline more than half. Therefore, the manufacturers engineers in the implementation of the recommendations in good faith when users first open only to a certain function, other functions later to gradually open the frequent scene. At the same time, users are also not worried about performance not to use the full functionality to open, resulting in name only as a function UTM security products to buy, but only as a single functional product.

This occurs because, for the first generation appeared in the market, UTM products, integrated firewall, VPN, anti-virus, intrusion prevention, protection and other functions or terminals in the equipment to do is really just a simple superposition Once when opening multi-functional, various functional modules of the computing resources to snatch the overall performance directly led to a sharp decline. Although many companies have taken such as improving the hardware configuration, even with some features of ASIC hardware acceleration means, but the effect is not significant.

On the other hand, UTM market, the user after years of baptism, the requirements for UTM has become increasingly rational. At present, many mature users, vendors no longer accept all the performance parameters. But according to their network needs, set up a test environment, then use the standard test instrument to measure various products. The most common case is, ignoring the vendor product nominal number of connections, such as data throughput, but the test products in the environment at least Firewall + Intrusion Detection + anti-virus pages open at a time when handling HTTP, FTP throughput, etc. data as a selection basis. This test, more in line with the user's practical situation, coupled with Avalanche, IXIA test equipment and other standards to bring the relative fair, and the results more reliable.

Facing the new market environment, Lenovo network imperial continuous improvement in technology, in order to seek introduction of performance to meet user demand for a new generation of UTM products to use. Particularly with the integration of technology + engine + PSE pre-Optimal Matching technology to solve next-generation UTM product very good comprehensive performance problems.

Fusion engine, that is within UTM products, no longer exists independent of the firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-virus detection engine, but is a complete integrated test engine replaced by UTM. In fact, firewall, intrusion protection, virus protection and other major gateway protection technology, is a big overlap. By integration of the engine rather than multi-engine work independently or in series, can effectively reduce the wasteful duplication of testing brought the performance. Inevitably bring about the integration of the engine characteristics of database integration, and the resulting performance in fact is considerable. Of course, firms can adopt a prerequisite for fusion engine is vendor for firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, VPN, and other additional features have sufficient technical inputs and accumulation of feature library can be purchased, but the engine must self-development, or have Source-level partners. Only on this basis, the chance of achieving complete integration of the engine.

Integration of the engine using the premise, UTM products can also be pre-screening technologies and optimization through the PSE matching techniques for further performance leap.

Integration engine technology principle as shown above. Data into the device, in addition to abnormal traffic flow protocol anomaly detection module outside. Traffic are the main engine to pre-PSE. PSE engine to a very high pre-separation of the innocent and suspicious traffic flow, and then by the characteristics of suspicious traffic matching engine optimization for further processing.

PSE a kind of pre-existing characteristics of technologies for data abstraction library to form a volume much smaller than the original features of the PSE database, then use the PSE library of pre-screening to speed up network processing technology. PSE through the abstract use of pre-treatment technology PSE Library, the detection time required for 10% less than conventional. When suspicious network traffic only to the 20% (which in practice is already high), pre-treatment with PSE performance can be as high as 70%.

Upon completion of the pre-PSE, the suspicious flow characteristics and then further optimized to match the engine for processing. This optimization principle of matching the technology is constantly under the processed data packets state set, when the state bits are placed in a predetermined value, then trigger the appropriate treatment.

Can be compared in the past the police vehicle on the highway to check every car on the release of a complete investigation. The culprits will be guns scattered the parts and bring in a number of vehicles. When the police see a particular component, can not be certain, do not immediately detained vehicles to avoid traffic congestion, but only made a record in mind. Until the check to the back of a car's parts, with the mind than the records and found that these components can be combined into a gun in the best car to be detained. Although the front has been spared some of the parts, but due to parts missing, the ultimate combination of guns can not cause damage.

Lenovo net Royal integration engine + PSE using technology and optimizing the pre-matching techniques of a new generation of UTM products can already do intrusion prevention + firewall + anti-virus functionality is fully open and contrast the performance of individual performance, down 10% to 20 % of the level of the user's network can be useful in the process, the real turn on all of the features to provide users with comprehensive protection really.

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British grams, Novel Medicine 1000 Chain layout help

5 years to open thousands of chain. This figure may at first sound will feel a little surprised. From 100 stores to 1000 stores, five years to achieve Why? However, this repeated the miracle business, this figure is not exaggerated. As the first of Jilin province in the Nasdaq-listed pharmaceutical company, Novel Medicine is a step by step to achieve with his 1000 chain strategy.

Pharmaceutical industry dark horse

Novel Medicine, founded in 1993, but the early start small-scale pharmaceutical wholesale and retail business. After ten years of development, has become a collection of Novel health products research and development production, drug distribution, retail chain, logistics and pharmaceutical companies as one group, the formation of a complete pharmaceutical distribution, logistics and distribution, retail chain, R & D production pharmaceutical supply chain management system. At present, the Novel, which owns 8 wholly-owned subsidiary, employs more than 1,000 in 2007, success in the U.S. capital market, becoming the first overseas-listed Jilin medical distribution companies.

From a small wholesale companies to group companies, from the self-development model to aid the rapid expansion of foreign capital, the rise in the Northeast market in Yongxin, is gradually growing into the leading enterprises in Northeast China.

1000 Chain layout

In 2001, Yongxin established pharmacy chain, retail chain operations through drugs into the pharmaceutical sales field terminal. Up to now, worked in Changchun, Jilin Province, Hakusan City, Tianjin set up 93 chain pharmacies.

In 2005, the Novel and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shenzhen, Maxim chain management Ltd, made Maxim (Medicine shopp) Jilin exclusive franchise dealership, building "Maxim Novel" professional pharmacy.

March 2007, Yong Xin Pharmaceutical Group invested a large pharmacy chain Tianjin Yongxin Co., Ltd., has opened in Tianjin more than 20 chain stores.

June 14, 2007, Yong Xin Pharmaceutical Group acquired White Mountain Grass On Tong Medicine Co., a unit of more than 20 chain stores, including: White Mountain 14, Riverside 7, 6 Jiang Yuan, a clinic and the headquarters of all chain assets, but also incorporated all the staff, which absorbed the merger of the Church of Traditional Chinese Medicine Jilin Province Kusayasu chain Co., Ltd., established grass Ando Novel Jilin Pharmaceutical Chain Co., Ltd.. Currently the number of stores has grown to more than 40.

Novel large pharmacy chain Medicine for three consecutive years topped China's list hundred, in the overseas listing of a large group context, chain-store business in the Group's strategic development is increasingly prominent. Yongxin Liu, chairman of the new medicine had "Chinese Economic News" reporter clearly said: "The Novel in the next 5-year business plan, the chain pharmacies will undoubtedly be the highlight of the development, including the opening of China to 1,000 retail pharmacies, and plans to open several pharmacies in the United States to promote traditional Chinese medicine. "

Supporting Information

Novel chain in the back of rapid expansion, can not do without the support of information technology.

Novel medicine early on recognized the importance of information technology for information technology investment, the chairman Liu Yongxin this way, "information technology investment is not simple expenditures, but should be regarded as an 'investment', on the Wing The new group, this is a business value, and from which we get in return. information can effectively improve management efficiency, significant savings in logistics and distribution link and the time required for a faster development in the future, companies seeking , the high concentration of information in order to achieve the investment security, control and effective results, such a core system is very necessary. and have such a system, whether to end or upstream business, is the increase in value. "

"British Medical gram information technology field as the first brand that we choose as a partner British grams of the primary factor." Liu said the new chairman of the board.

"They are the framework can effectively support the rapid expansion of stores." Information Department Manager Li Yongxin, said, "They are based on a unified software architecture, the new stores opened, the information system can be deployed to ensure the normal operation of new stores and operating data and timely feedback. Our Information Department staff stores no longer need a run, just networking can be maintained. "

"Group of applications that we choose the British grams of another very important reason." Liu Yongxin said. As a group, Novel chain business and group production, distribution, logistics are inextricably linked, if the information system is not integrated, so will cause a lot of data duplication will affect managerial decision making. "Well now, through the existing ERP systems, can comprehensive understanding of the operation chain, but also to understand the operation of the entire group."

"Cheap." Expensive compared to software such as foreign fees, reasonable prices and the British grams of high quality service has won praise from customers. Novel information manager has a fairly detailed accounts. The present structure, the store no longer in accordance with the database, and save the cost of purchasing the database, save the information department personnel installation, commissioning, maintenance labor costs; stores without distribution server, and general PC, can the , significantly lower hardware costs; maintenance process, no longer need to run a family store, to save time, transportation costs are neglected, the Ministry of Information staff can focus on data analysis to do the work.

Information is the means, but not all. To effective implementation of the chain expansion strategy, but also effective management team, in line with market strategy. And the expansion is always an opportunity to co-exist with the trap way, Liu profound new understanding of this and said that the rapid development of Yongxin will build on the basis of steady efforts to improve ourselves. Medicine 1000 Yongxin Road to the chain.

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Dell-for-core doors up: litigation preparation and preliminary results this week

Yesterday, Dell's change in attitude, but still did not launch its new solution, consumers will continue to liaise with lawyers throughout the proceedings on matters relating to consultation and preparation. Intel, told reporters on the responsible person "for the core" event a preliminary note.

Dell: Service attitude change

Have reflected consumers, Dell's service attitude change a lot of complaints. Jilin Mr. Sun describes: "Yesterday's attitude is better, claiming that one or two days there will be engineers to solve the problem for me." Mr. Sun had purchased the Dell XPS1210 laptop models after receiving the product was found severely diminished, graphics only 64M independent memory, instead of dedicated graphics memory Dell 256M statements. The chips are also "change" has become the T2300E.

In order to deal with "for-core" event, Dell partners commissioned the day before yesterday said it may offer new solutions to make customer satisfaction. As of yesterday, the program has not yet launched. Dell has not disclosed the sale of the related T2300 halted "for the core," the total number of laptops. Currently, nearly 380 consumers through the provision of voluntary testing found that Dell does not match the products and orders.

Intel: Dell has had to communicate with

Yesterday, T2300 and Intel T2300E chip provider of the person in charge, told reporters that the chip issue has been communication with the Dell. "Is the difference between the two chips, T2300 with virtual technology, T2300E without virtual technology, but the E is optional, can be added from time to increase." As for the Dell Intel provided to the price of these two chips, the official said, and unaware of the need for further inquiry.

Lawyer: the outcome of litigation this week to prepare

Shanghai consumers are actively preparing for the prosecution of suspected fraud Dell Ma Jianrong attorney, said yesterday that the specific circumstances of the proceedings prepared to have preliminary results this week. Ma Jianrong said the decision on the future actions and rights of consumers have a model case.

Dell "for the core," Teng CCTV "Global Information list" list

In recent days, Dell "for core door," The incident drew nationwide media attention than have all reports or comment.

China Central Television yesterday, the Dell "for the core" event as a "global information list" list, its title is "the core event for hiccups have risen again, consumers want to sue Dell of fraud." Dell said in the program, respect for legal procedures, in addition to not make any comment.

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AI to create artistic brushes

Using Adobe Illustrator 10 the brush panel, there are many ways you can create the art of brush. Of course, the simplest is to load from the application CD in the art of brush library. From there, you can find plenty of useful brushes. If the brush is what you need, of course, is better and better. However, the ready-made brushes, after all, is limited, more often, you may need to customize some brush. This tutorial will show you how to use Adobe Photoshop 6 is the pen and path tools to create can be used in the Illustrator art brush. (Figure 01)

(This use of the software Illustrator 10.0 and Photoshop 6.0)

1. Create a new file

Start Photoshop, open the New Image dialog box, create a 80 x 275 pixels, 72ppi resolution, transparent background of the new image. (Figure 02)

Figure 02

2. Set the pen tool options

Select the brush tool, brush options, the brush mode from "Normal" to "dissolve" (This will give us Rough edge effects), opacity set to 100%, abolish the "wet side." If you have a pressure sensitive pen, click on the "size" (Pressure sensitive pen pressure sensitivity in the next step and give you more flexibility). In the Brush panel, select a medium-sized soften written. (Figure 03)

Figure 03

In the "Preferences" in the "Display and cursor" column, you can set your favorite graphics cursor displayed. In this example, we chose the drawing cursor shows the size of brushes, so that we can intuitively see that written which we choose the size is appropriate.

3. Draw a line

Keyboard on "D" key, foreground and background colors of black and white panels back to the default state. Next, hold down the "Shift" key and drag the mouse from top to bottom, draw a straight line. Remember, if you use the pressure sensitive pen, you may want to change the pressure has been uneven thickness of the lines. Now, the line showing the way we want, but we have to make some small changes to make it look like the illustrations in the article painted with the same carbon. (Figure 04)

Figure 04


It is best to create a straight brush, such as it applied to curve the path when, and with a good curve.

4. To change the line shape

When you continue to draw the line to try different sizes and types of written to accurately control the shape of the brush. We can use the Eraser tool to wipe off any excess color and contour. No need to care too much about each pixel in order to perfect. (Figure 05)

Figure 05


5. Create a constituency

Once you create the shape of the lines are very satisfied (believe me, once you become a picture into a master of illustration, you will never bored!), Stop drawing, begin the next step. In the Layers panel, hold down the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS), click on the current active layer, load the image you draw constituency. (Figure 06)

Figure 06

6. Establish a working path

Go to the path panel, where we will convert the path constituency. In the path panel, click the "establishment of a working path from the constituency" button, hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS), the screen appears "to establish the working path" option, enter in the tolerance of 1.0 pixels, so that the path close as possible constituency. Click OK to determine the path. Path Component Selection tool with the path selection, copy (Ctrl / Command + C). (Figure 07)

Figure 07

If you do not save the path, then it will the next time you create a new path to be overwritten. Double-click the work path, save it for next use. Content of the margin between the range of 0.5 to 10 pixels, can be used to determine the "establishment of a working path" command on the constituency the sensitivity of small changes in shape. When it is 0.5, the path will be close to the maximum extent constituency; when it was 10, the anchor will be greatly reduced, the path becomes quite smooth.

7. The path to paste Illustrator

Start Illustrator, paste the path to the clipboard into a new document (Command / Ctrl + V). Now the path has not been filled and strokes, fill the object is black, this is the art of brush you need. Now, if you like, you can move some of the anchor or smoothing tool to remove some nodes to modify the brush shape. Let's continue to modify the brush.

Unless you know precisely what your pen will be the color, or all black. Brush options in the line, based color methods as "tone", so use this brush to draw the color line will determine the line color of your choice. (Figure 08)

Figure 08

8. Create a new brush

Choose to complete the image, drag it to the brush panel, or from the brush panel, select "New Brush." In the next dialog box, select "New pattern brush" pattern brush options dialog box appears, the "coloring" method to set the tone. Now you are ready to use your new brush up! This article began with the brush image is easily drawn. Perhaps you would like to make some changes on the brush, you can return to Photoshop, or continue to edit in Illustrator. (Figure 09)

Figure 09

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WiMax to Japan side length

When the U.S. mobile communications company Sprint Corporation (Sprint) recently announced plans to launch in Boston and other three cities when WiMax services, Ericsson (Ericsson) but reverse the line, publicly closed the WiMax R & D center, switching and competitive WCDMA WiMax wireless technology. Ericsson's "lack of market demand," the reason is that the status of the U.S. WiMax market precarious realism.

Recently in the background, research institutions, telecom consultancy Analysys International and the U.S. IT market research firm Yankee Group (Yankee Group) jointly introduced the WiMAX World Conference in China, Analysys International also made an interesting analysis: WiMAX development, the main contributing factor is the growth of mobile data users, particularly in low income and educational background in higher user growth.

In fact, rule out the individual user level because of cultural and economic development with the United States is different from the needs of enterprise customers for WiMax in the United States the difference between the basic convergence: on the one hand is the temptation - in the roof On a receiver, enterprises equivalent to have a flexible broadband access "channel", without laying expensive fiber optic cable; the other hand, business users have to this temptation and a nascent disruptive technology to the enterprise of "insecurity," trade-off between .

Uncertain future

As a disruptive technology, WiMax advantage of self-evident: beyond the wired network access speeds, compared to Wi-Fi, its coverage is also more - much to the range of several tens of kilometers around the base station. However, IT staff need more is a need to worry about technology. In an interview with "InformationWeek" interview, mobile storage manufacturer ATP, director of the company's IT system, Robert 鈥?Neil (Robert Neill) said: "What we need is through a single account and network operators a steady connection, which requires different technology among operators how to better cooperate in providing mobile phone or BlackBerry as it is now the service. "

In addition, different from ordinary consumers, enterprises are interested in wireless broadband access in addition to "ubiquitous coverage", "high speed" and "cheap", there are more pressing question: When can access the service ? After all, broadband network services, whether it is born out of the mobile operator's data services, or as a wireless extension of Internet IP WiMax, are the government, operators, equipment suppliers top-down support. These, in China are not very clear, even if there are two serious telecommunications and IT research firm in Beijing keen to guide and publicity.

"Dream" into reality according to

Ambiguous attitude toward the parties and under debate, WiMax initial and key players in the Intel Corporation (Intel) continue to push forward the development of the technology, but this time than before, obviously a lot more realistic. Intel Developer Forum in the most recent information (IDF) said, in the upcoming code-named "Montevina" mobile processor provide the first integrated Wi-Fi/WiMax features that make Wi-Fi, WiMax complement allow users to move quickly to retain high-definition video and download large data files possible.

Intel's intent is: the "Centrino" chip successfully copied to the WiMax body - in a short time so that mobile equipment vendors supporting the product, and then to other attitude "ambiguous," the parties to better support the reason.

Intel, as the most upstream suppliers is so unshaken, or because the user has actually long been on the wireless applications and "everywhere" concept of moving the heart. WiMax Summit in Beijing, the first day of the two Yankee Group analyst described in detail in the WiMax platform, how will the user experience in the subversion of the individual, and gradually infiltrated into enterprise applications, thereby automatically achieve "ubiquitous enterprise applications "(Anywhere Enterprise).

In the fixed WiMax, some American businesses have started using TowerStream offers WiMax-based broadband, as broadband backup or alternative to T1. According to "InformationWeek" report, TowerStream provided is based on fixed WiMax (Fixed WiMax) on IP-based voice technology (VoIP), the service covers Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York and other large cities. In addition, once the darling of WiMax, Sprint, now is the ClearWire companies than medium-sized cities and in a number of WiMax wireless broadband service related.

Wireless WiMax in the applications, the technology embodied as an extension of fixed and Wi-Fi high value. "InformationWeek" the report said Japan's Okinawa islands began to use Alvarion's WiMax technology to cover Tokashiki Island (Tokashiki), Zamami Island (Zamami Island) and Aka Island (Aka) and so on. As the typhoon in Okinawa often "walk" the channel, and the local not only scattered islands, but also have hilly terrain, fixed-line broadband has already been proved impossible to implement. WiMax becomes the only possibility.

"Gold mine" is hard to dig

In the Chinese market, the voices against WiMax is not small. Market research firm In-Stat analyst with Li Minti some negative point of view: the user difficult to distinguish between WiMax and cellular networks, the distinction should be obscured from the difference between technologies is not very easy, will worsen the user experience; In addition, for mobile operators, while WiMax can match the third-generation mobile communication technology (3G), but operating a cellular network is a great project, with such a WiMAX network, operators will result in resources decentralized, domestic and foreign carriers operating two networks in the two networks rarely have success.

Indeed, not ClearWire company operating two networks such as start-ups can only large carriers such as Sprint, with 5,300 million existing users, all over the base station, a lot of cash and good relations with vendors, and even start and Intel other firms to establish the underlying R & D cooperation, to try to have emboldened the gold mining WiMax.


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